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Home Labeling Benefits

             Net Zero

Why Certify?

There are many quality reasons to certify your home with ENERGY STAR,R-2000* and Net Zero, using the EnerGuide* Rating System as a labeling tool. Choosing a program and getting a label provides benefits for builders, home owners and potential buyers down the road.


Using a certification program allows the Builder to provide a detailed report and checklist to the homeowner showing exactly which products were used and why they were chosen which lead to the overall certification of the home. Product details provided not only paint the picture of the home's impact on the environment, they can also act as a terms of reference for long term upkeep of the home.


When purchasing a certified home, homeowners can be assured that the builders have been trained to provide a more durable, comfortable house that most likely will end up being more economical and lower maintenance long term.


When a home is verified by a third party, a homeowner can rely on certain home performance expectations based on the certification level achieved and products used during construction. Municipalities can look to a third party certification program for reference points on improved construction methods which continue to raise the bar in how we construct homes today.

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 *EnerGuide is official mark of Natural Resources Canada. The ENERGY STAR mark is administered and promoted in Canada and is used with permission