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Election 2017

Provincial General Election - May 9, 2017

Housing is a key topic for voters in the upcoming provincial election on May 9. Approximately 96% of residents live in market-provided homes across Canada, whether owned or rented. Protecting housing affordability, and ensuring that homes are within the financial reach of residents, will reduce pressures on social housing so that available units serve those in most urgent need.

Click here to view the one-page overview on housing in British Columbia. 


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Provincial Election Housing Forum - April 12, 2017

CHBA BC also participated in a Provincial Election Housing Forum on April 12, 2017, which hosted Rich Coleman (LIB), David Eby (NDP), and David Wong (GRN) for a panel discussion on housing issues. A stakeholder position paper was also created to outline key policy recommendations in market housing for this event.

Click here to view the Housing Stakeholders Position Paper




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Overview of Main Platforms on Housing Issues