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CHBA - Central Okanagan

Welcome to the CHBA - Central Okanagan

The voice of the residential construction industry for the Central Okanagan

The Canadian Home Builders' Association exists to serve the interests of our industry and to help our members succeed and prosper in a complex and challenging environment.

Housing technology and the skills required to build quality homes are becoming more demanding. Rapid changes in communication and information systems are having a profound impact on the way we do business. In a diverse marketplace, the industry must respond to changing consumer needs and preferences. At all levels, government policies have a great deal of influence on our businesses.

In a constantly evolving business environment, the Canadian Home Builders' Association is the industry's agent for positive change. We keep a constant eye on the regulatory environment and the marketplace. We develop clear, practical positions on issues that matter to the industry and our consumers. We make sure that our voice is heard-loud and clear-and that we reach and influence decision-makers at all levels of government. Here are some of the issues we are working on, on behalf of our members:

  • Taxation reform
  • Regulatory reform
  • Housing finance
  • Housing affordability
  • Infrastructure financing
  • Builder liability
  • Builder licensing
  • Shortage of skilled labour
  • Underground economy
  • Smart growth
  • Industry profitability
  • Consumer protection
  • Environmental regulations

To become a member with the CHBA - Central Okanagan, please visit