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CHBA Actions Result in Canada Post Suspending $200 CMB Fee Indefinitely

CHBA Actions Result in Canada Post Suspending $200 CMB Fee Indefinitely - $120M in Savings and Counting CHBA was pleased to announce in August 2015, that after further discussions with Canada Post, the Corporation has agreed to defer the implementation of the proposed community mailbox (CMB) fee indefinitely. This is a significant victory for CHBA's members, and especially for new home buyers, across the country.

CHBA, working in concert across all three levels of the Association, vehemently opposed any implementation of the proposed fee. Previous suspensions from 2013 to 2016 have already saved home buyers and the industry an estimated $60M.

According to Canada Post, the other initiatives set forth in their Five-point Action Plan are transforming their financial position, helping the Corporation return to financial sustainability by 2019. Based on this, they do not consider that it will be necessary to implement a CMB fee for new developments. They note that, should Canada Post not return to financial sustainability upon the successful completion of the plan, they would consider reassessing the need for additional measures. At that point, CHBA would take action again if CMB fees are proposed.

With this indefinite suspension through to 2019, CHBA’s action will have saved new home buyers over $120M, with savings continuing annually thereafter. By working together across all three levels of our Association, we have achieved this result!