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Drywall Duty Report Recognizes Negative Impact on Industry and the Canadian Economy

January 6, 2017. Ottawa, Ontario A report by the Canadian International Trade Tribunal has found that the imposition of drywall duties in the amount set by the Canada Border Services Agency “is contrary to Canada’s economic, trade or commercial interests, and specifically that such an imposition has or will substantially reduce competition in those markets, or cause significant harm to consumers of those goods or to businesses who use them.”

The Tribunal has provided a number of recommendations to the Federal Government to mitigate the negative impacts on the residential industry. The recommendations include that duties be eliminated for 6 months (addressing problems with fixed-price contracts already in place) and, after that, be limited to 43% of export price (rather than as much as 201% as previously set). The Tribunal also recommends that monies already collected be used to offset some of the increased costs already paid by end users. Options for Fort McMurray are also provided.

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